This section is for individuals who would like to make a donation to the school.  We have a variety of ways in which you can help make a difference.  If you are in a position to give a more substantial donation, then please take a look at our organisations section.

Make a donation/Sponsor a Child

The I.D.E. School provides an invaluable and unique service to children with intellectual disabilities, who would otherwise have little hope of getting an education. However, due to the tough financial conditions in Sri Lanka, finding money to maintain this service is extremely difficult.

Therefore we urgently seek financial sponsorships to secure the future of the School.

You can help the children in need of support by sponsoring them for their therapy sessions.

Our guarantee is that all funds you send will be used for the child you are sponsoring. Every term you will receive the progress report provided by the different therapists that are working with them.

The therapy costs are as follow:

· Occupational Therapist: -600/-Rs per session (6 US$)                        

· Speech and Language Therapy: -600/-Rs per session (6 US$)

· Swimming classes: -300/-Rs per session (3 US$) for transport+ entry fees

Place an order for our greetings card range

In order to support the school, we have produced a range of multi-purpose greetings cards which can be used for seasons greetings, thank you or birthday cards.  These high quality cards can be ordered with or without a message.  After paying the minimal production costs, all proceeds will be given to the school.

Volunteer with Us

If you are qualified in any area of education for children with intellectual disabilities and are able to donate some of your time and knowledge, we would be interested to here from you.  Please contact us.




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