Our classes

1. English (spelling, writing, reading)

2. Sinhala Language

3. Basic Numeracy

4. Basic Science

5. General knowledge

6. Environmental Studies




1. Self-help skills. Students are taught to develop independent daily living skills. For example, getting dressed, cooking classes, personal hygiene and eating independently. This is a vital part of our curriculum as it gives our students the chance to get more independent in their day to day life.  

2. Community skills. Students are taught a variety of community skills including shopping in a local supermarket, greeting others, road safety and other social skills. These skills will help our students to integrate with their communities as they progress into adulthood. Such activities also serve to increase awareness amongst the general public and change their attitude towards children with intellectual disabilities.

3. Music and Free movement. Students attend weekly music and dancing classes. As well as being a fun activity, this helps to improve co-ordination, rhythm and encourages relaxation. 

4. Yoga. Children attend twice weekly yoga classes. These classes assist the children to improve their flexibility, balance, coordination and breathing regulation.  

5. Art and Crafts. Students develop their fine motor skills while also enhancing their cognitive abilities.   


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