Our teaching methods

Our teaching methods

1. Alpha to Omega teaching method is used for reading, writing and spelling.

2. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA Methods) are a system used internationally and developed by Psychologist B.F. Skinner.  Our teachers have attended workshops on how to use this method.

3. Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).  This is an approach that develops early communications skills using pictures.  It is appropriate for students of all ages and with a wide range of learning difficulties.  It is a unique approach and is based on a tried and tested model.  Developed in the 1980’s, PECS has received worldwide recognition for focusing on the initiation and social approach elements of communication. 

4. Social Communication and Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support (SCERTS Model).  This is used by our visiting Speech and Language Therapists.  Our teachers have attended workshops on how to use this method and therapists work with teachers to ensure the method is used throughout the week.

5. Montessori Pre-School Methods.  All of our teachers are qualified in Montessori Pre-School methods.  This method encourages learning through play and is particularly effective with children with intellectual disabilities.

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